This week at Lakeshore 11/21-27

We’ve been on a roller coaster of cold and warm, rain and sunshine, and it looks like this roller coaster will run several more times before the steel bar lifts and they let us off. Life is slowing down at the shore, and Christmas and Culture Day is the only big undertaking we have until the new year, as far as groups go. As I look out the window at the grey sky behind orange and brown leaves, wondering if we’ll get more showers today, I think back over the year at all the things myself and this place have been blessed with. Here are a few things in which we can be thankful:

-The summer sunsets near 7:30pm that change the sky over the waterfront to orange, purple, and peach colors.

-The chance on the first day of each camp to see kids get out, and look at their faces, excited to be at Lakeshore

-Sitting on a rocking chair at the fireplace, on a cold night, with a group of friends, sipping hot drinks

-The chance to know Glenn Anderson

-Finally getting our sailboat out into the water, and then that feeling when the wind catches the sails just right and pushes it through the water, the only sound you hear being water and air.

-Watching around 30 college age people grow in their faith and do the work God called them to.

-The harvest moons that lay low on the horizon, papery yellow, casting a trail of light on the river.

-Seeing a group of deer in early morning or evening. They startle at first, but stay a little while, looking at you, trying to decide if you mean any harm.

-The first time you get to swim in the pool after it is opened.

-The amazing changes taking place in our prayer chapel, made possible by volunteer labor and donations.

-Our housekeeping, kitchen, and maintenance staff, who keep this place going from week to week, behind the scenes.

-Our fruit trees producing fruit for the first time.

-The view out the sunroom windows.

-The work of the NOMADS, a Methodist group of retired RV travelers, who go from camp to camp doing work projects.

-The abundance of food to eat, especially the strawberry butter and chocolate chip cookies.

-The hugs you get when an old friend shows up at camp.

-The reminder every know and then, that you get here that there are safe places in this world.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.


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