All Things New: Cabin Campaign Series, Volume IV

Rev. Jim and Pat Calhoun share their Lakeshore story in the fourth installment of All Things New. If you missed the introduction to this series, catch up here.


“Several years ago, we were co-counselors at Lakeshore during the Summer Camping season. We have attended conferences, workshops, retreats and other meetings and programs at Lakeshore for many years. Pat has attended UMW Spiritual Growth Retreats and other UMW functions for several years also.

Of course, Lakeshore has taken on new meaning to us since a Lodge was named in our honor—a complete surprise to us—by Carol and Bill Latimer who are good friends of ours. They have become even closer friends after having made a Holy Land Tour with us a few years ago. We feel naming the lodge for us is the highest honor we have ever received.

As we have watched Lakeshore grow through the past several years, our love and appreciation for it have grown also. We have been inspired by the leadership of Gary Lawson these past several years and feel he is due much credit for its growth.

Lakeshore has a special place in our hearts, and it is really “Holy Ground” to us. We look forward to going there every opportunity we have.”

If you are interested in naming a cabin or making a gift to the fall annual fund, please contact Jennie Dickerson at (731) 584-6102.



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