All Things New: The Cabin Campaign Series, Volume III

Not too long ago, I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Benny and Gail Hopper. They are some of the most lovely and gracious people I have met, and funny too! I am humbled by their long-standing dedication to the ministry of Lakeshore and the lodge named after them.

Gail sent me their story as part of our All Things New blog series. If you didn’t start at the beginning, catch up here.

The Rev. Benny and Gail Hopper Lodge

“Benny and I have been connected to Lakeshore for many years. I first came to Lakeshore as a fifth grade camper. This was back in the days when we swam in the lake ( no lazy river swimming pool then.) We shared a shower house back then. (No bathrooms in cabins..) No air conditioning then..just hot air and mosquitos.

Benny began his experience at Lakeshore as an adult. After seminary, while serving Pickwick, Pisgah and Shiloh he began as a director of 5th and 6th grade camps. He did this for many years. He was on the board of trustees at Lakeshore twice.

Through the years, as our family grew, we sent our children to Lakeshore summer camps. While in college, our youngest son, John served on summer staff there. As time went on, we began to send our grandchildren to camp.

hoppersRev. Benny and Gail Hopper in front of their lodge

After retirement, Benny raised money for Lakeshore. Now days, we give monetary gifts in honor of our friends to Lakeshore at Christmas and encourage them to do the same.’ We were honored when it was announced that a lodge would be named in our honor. We make it a point to stay there for Retirees Retreat each year.Form us, Lakeshore has a special place in our hearts and always will.”

If you are interested in naming a cabin or would like to make a gift to the fall annual fund, please contact Jennie Dickerson at (731) 584-6102.



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