All Things New: The Cabin Campaign Series Too

I love this reflection from Susan Cox about how important Lakeshore is to their family. If you missed the introduction to this series, catch up here.

The Cox Family enjoying their home away from home in the Sun Room.

“A God-place.  A constant in our lives.  Home.  These are the words my family chose when I asked them to describe Lakeshore.  It is a place of joy and love and the Holy Spirit, and our hearts get full just thinking of it.

Lakeshore is where I did my spiritual growing up…I went every chance I got, as a camper, a counselor, and on summer staff.  I have made so many deep and life-long soul friends at camp–our marriage began as a “Lakeshore romance.” We have continued to return for family retreats and Mommy and Me camp–any opportunity to visit and be renewed. When I drop our kids off for summer camp, I still wish I could stay for the week!

What is it that draws us to Lakeshore so strongly and so often? At Lakeshore, I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit.  It is a place where people feel free to worship and to love others in the way that we are called to love, a place where we feel close to God and the beauty of His creation and the amazing love of those that He created. It is a God-place.

As an itinerant ministry family, Lakeshore is a constant home in our ever-changing lives.  I love that my children feel so at home when they set foot on the grounds of Lakeshore—they have grown up there.  Although God calls us to move from time to time, Lakeshore remains a place of love and safety for us. It is our constant, our home.

Lakeshore is a place of connection and relationships—the experience of this place bonds people from different ages and hometowns, varied backgrounds and experiences.  We come together to grow closer to God and each other at camp, simply as children of God.  A shared love of Lakeshore is a bond of knowing what it is like to love, laugh, and worship in this special place, an instant fellowship of believers.

Lakeshore is the church as it is meant to be.  I am amazed and excited to see how the ministries of Lakeshore have grown to include outreach such as the Camp Hope series, for children who have suffered abuse, and DayShore, offering this amazing love and spirit filled camp experience in communities around our conference to kids who might never have the opportunity to come to camp.  At Lakeshore, young people learn how to be servants; there God opens hearts to the call of ministry—full time ministers, missionaries, and community servants have realized their calling at Lakeshore.

We will continue to offer Lakeshore our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service, and our witness because the people of Lakeshore are the church and the place of Lakeshore is a God-place.  For us, as for so many, Lakeshore is home.”

If you are interested in naming a cabin or making a donation to the fall annual fund, please contact Jennie Dickerson at (731) 584-6102.



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