All Things New: The Cabin Campaign Series

If you are like me, you have spent time pondering the stories behind the names on some of the cabins around camp. Who are these people? What’s their connection? How do they fit into our history?

We have just launched this year’s fall campaign, and it focuses on two major projects: building Hammock Shelters for hammocking camp and finishing the remodels of all remaining cabins. In light of this, I decided to ask our friends with their names on cabins to tell us their story.


We start with the little red cabin, called the Shanklin Cottage. A Lakeshore lifetime ago, it was the staff cabin. Summer staff wasn’t a whopping 41 people like it will be this summer. Just a few teens ran all the activities and programming then. Now this cabin serves as the Infirmary and popular hammock spot during the summer and a retreat cabin in the off-season.

Read all about Carrie and Russell Shanklin’s story below.

Carrie and Russell counseling a Wilderness camp.

“When I think of the biggest blessing we have received from Lakeshore, it’s joy! Lakeshore has brought us joy in many ways: new friends, old friends, crazy camp adventures, worshiping God under the stars and in the woods, awesome camp food, a “home” we can always come back to, a place of quiet solitude with God, and the joy of marriage!  Russell grew up going to Lakeshore – starting as a baby with his church’s Family Camp, then on through high school.  I was 16 when I first attended Lakeshore at a Sr. High Camp. But no matter when you first drive up the hill, Lakeshore welcomes you in! We met when we were volunteer counselors, and we counseled together at one of the first Wilderness Camps. We didn’t really believe it years later when Papa Gary said he was going to name a cabin after us, but then he did! So that’s cool to have the little red Shanklin cabin as part of our Lakeshore story. Now our daughters, Clara and Molly, are Lakeshore Campers, and it’s a blessing that Lakeshore is going to be part of their story, too!”

If you are interested in naming a cabin or making a donation to the fall campaign, please contact Jennie Dickerson at 731-584-6102.


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