Become a 2017 DayShore Host!

Lakeshore is more than just a place. It’s a spirit of the love of God and a family that seeks to love and serve God and each other. At the end of every camp closing worship, Executive Director Gary Lawson reminds every camper that God loves us, that we are His children and, as such, we are called to “go and be about the family business.”

This year, Lakeshore Camp and Retreat Center in Eva, Tennessee, launched a new program with Lawson’s words in mind. DayShore packed up the spirit of Lakeshore and every activity we could think of in a 15-passenger van and took camp on the road. We met people where they were, physically and spiritually. Eight churches hosted DayShore camps where nearly 300 campers came to experience what Lakeshore is all about. They met God in worship, games, Bible study, archery, tie dye and more.


Everyone deserves the chance to play games with new friends and experience the love of God, so many churches decided to invite their neighbors to DayShore camp in 2016. They came; they played; they laughed; they learned. At DayShore in Union City, Tennessee, one camper from the community came to the church for the first time. She started going to church there the very next Sunday and has been bringing her whole family with her ever since. Earlier this month, all five of her family members were baptized into a new family.

We believe in the power of the Gospel and the power of camp to introduce people to it. DayShore will be back for its second summer in 2017, and we are looking to double the number of churches by adding a second traveling camp team.

If your church is interested in reaching its community, introducing people into a new or deeper relationship with God and partnering your Vacation Bible School (VBS) team with trained Lakeshore staff, give us a call at (731) 584-6102.


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