The Misadventures of Jennie and the Camp Dogs

This whole story starts two weeks ago when I couldn’t find my purse. The whole office sprung into action and helped me look for it. Travis even checked the surveillance footage to confirm whether or not I had forgotten that I’d taken it to Beersheba. I had not.

With no purse, I headed back to Memphis, but first I locked my cabin door for the first time in history of camp living, slightly concerned about the fact the purse was missing.

When I got home, it was hanging exactly where it was supposed to be. Confirmed: I hadn’t lost my purse, I’d lost my mind.

Fast forward two weeks, and I am back at camp preparing for our debut at the Benton County Fair! I worked on signage at the Admin Building until about midnight and then headed to my cabin. My locked cabin. In the dark. I fumbled in the dark trying every camp related key on my key ring and quickly discovered that I do not actually have a key to cabin 9. I went back to admin in search of a spare key. No luck.

It’s midnight, and I’m locked out, so I decide the loveseat in the office is as good a place to sleep as any. Both dogs and I settled in for the night, all three of us on the loveseat. And then the alarm clock went off. The horrid sound was coming from Vickie’s office. Vickie’s locked office. Again, I went in search of a spare key, and again, no luck. I opened up the sliding window and made several attempts to climb through. I could see the offending clock taunting me from across the room, but it was too far out of reach.

Exhausted and with the clock creeping past 1:00 am, the pups and I headed to the furthest place in the office away from the screeching clock–the couch in Gary’s office–and slept there until it was light enough to try every key on the spare key ring until I found cabin 9. By the way, that couch wasn’t bad, if you ever need a spot to crash.

And that’s one of the things I love about camp. The Admin Building at Lakeshore is like the living room at your mom’s house. Everyone is welcome. Everyone can relax. You will most certainly be greeted by a dog or four at the door. Shoes are optional. Real talk is encouraged. And if you need a place to stay, you have one. So stop by and see us some time, and we will welcome you home to the ‘Shore.

Oh, and Travis has already made me a cabin 9 key.


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