Even Retreat People Need to Retreat

Last week, Gary Lawson and I left one retreat center for another in search of rejuvenation, inspiring ideas, and new (and old) friends who are passionate about camping ministry. Nearly 30 camping professionals from Las Vegas to New York, from Michigan to Alabama and everywhere in between gathered in a sleepy, magical town called Beersheba Springs for three days to soak up the wisdom of wonderful speakers and the brilliance of each other.


We talked about how to best tell our story and who to tell it to. We talked about all the social medias, how they are different, how they are alike and what the rules are for each. We talked about white space and clean design. We discussed brand as an overall personality of the organization.

Most importantly, we talked about The Power of Why, and how even if you get all the other stuff right, if people don’t know why you do what you do, it really doesn’t matter that you have an awesome water park or a slingshot course or the coolest zip line around.


For three days, in this sleepy, magical little town, we got to learn some tools to share with people why we do what we do, all within the context of The Why. We meditated on that as we learned all of these things.

After a long, hot summer full of crazy-busy-can-I-nap-yet days, it was good to mediate on The Why. Why do people love Lakeshore so much? Why do they keep coming back? Why do we work so hard to program great events? Why do we call this place home and these people family? Why is this work so important?

Because God loves you. Unconditionally.
Because Lakeshore is a place set apart, offering ways for all people to experience life, love and the God of grace.
Because camp is sacred ground where you can often hear that still, small voice.
Because the Spirit moves and lives are changed here.

That is why. That is why we went to learn how to better communicate our story. Not because we have something to offer, but because God does, and we have found that sometimes it is easier to see when you retreat away from your ordinary surroundings.

It was for me. Three days in Beersheba Springs, and we are back, ready for retreat season. Ready to welcome you to a place set apart, so you too, can be reminded that God loves you.


-Jennie Dickerson


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