Camp Hope Series: Director’s Cut 2.0

With just over 24 hours left in our crowdfunding campaign for camp scholarships, last year’s Camp Hope Series director would like to share with you some reflections on her experience working with this ministry. I have known Sara Mischke since she was a camper and a VC and watched her grow up to serve on staff for four summers. This program is near to her heart, and I’m so grateful that she is willing to share what it means to her.

Sara and kiddos.jpg
Sara with Lakeshore Volunteer Counselors. Summer 2015.

“How do you describe the experiences shared at Camp Hope? How do you put into words the joy and love you feel as you walk down the gravel road singing songs or throwing a football? What is that emotion you feel as you let a child braid, unbraid, and re-braid your hair while craning your neck to actively engage in eight conversation happening around the room because each one of those girls deserves to be heard? Would it suffice to label this feeling as happiness or bliss? Would boundless encompass the energy you display playing countless hours of basketball because that’s the time you see that one kid light up, and you all of the sudden share something with this kid who thought he was too cool to sing a prayer before each meal? Does sadness include all of the thoughts you have as you see your campers driving away heading back to those situations they got to escape for four nights; those situations they opened up and shared with you including their deepest fears and darkest stains?

I’m not sure I can describe these feelings to you. These words I have used to attempt this task do not even scratch the surface. However, let me assure you; the campers feel these indescribable emotions much more intensely. They feel that joy, love, happiness, bliss, boundless energy, openness, acceptance, sincerity, and community. Most importantly, they get the opportunity to experience God and what His love feels like. Offering a chance for these campers to experience life, love, and the God of grace has been the most fulfilling work of my life. I say this because when I was a camper at Lakeshore this was the place I found the person I could be in Christ, and I am so thankful for that life altering experience.”

Thank you to everyone who has been faithful to support this ministry through a gift to the Lakeshore Campership Fund. We could not create moments and memories like the ones Sara describes without your help.


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