Camp Hope Series: Life-Altering Truths

Over the last few days, you have read about the long-lasting impact of the Camp Hope series both from the camper and director perspective. Today, I want to share with you some of the things our Camp Hope girls had to say about their experience last week. These are the moments, the feelings and epiphanies that are happening right now. Each week, lives are being changed, memories are being made and life-altering truths are being discovered. These are the comments they shared with us.

Camp Hope Cross
Camp Hope Series. Week 3. Summer 2016.

What have you learned this week to help you when you head home?

“Help others. It doesn’t matter what others think of you. Be yourself and trust others.”

“Forgive, trust, and don’t live in the past.”

“I am not a mistake, and God always loves me.”

“I’m not the only person who has things going on. I learned that if anybody doesn’t like or need you in life, God is always there with me, every step of the way.”

“You should love yourself as you.”

“No matter what happens, God is on my side.”

“No one is a mistake.”

Why do you think this camp is important? Why should others attend?

“This camp helps you through things.”

“Camp is important because it helps you realize you are loved.”

“Others should attend because camp helps to grow a family.”

“I think it’s important because it relieves stress and shows you what love is. It teaches you about God, and shows you that you are important. It also makes you feel open to people because we are in foster care.”

“It was important because I learned so much about lots of things. I think know everyone should come to this camp because the counselors would love you like a mom you never had.”

“It really helps to talk about your problems to people who care.”

“It helps us learn that we have to forgive others and trust people in life.”

Where did you see God this week? What moment did you feel the most loved?

“I saw God when we were all together talking and having fun. I felt the most love on the last night when we were all together like a family.”

“I think it would be girls’ night the most, but I did see God everywhere.”

“The middle of this week because that’s when I met new people and learned how God loves us no matter what happens in your life.”

“I saw God in worship and theme time because he opened me up to learn how to love myself for me.”

The summer is just getting started, and more and more of these moments are left to be made. Pray for Camp Hope. Pray for these girls as they go back home, that they may always remember what they learned at Lakeshore. Pray for all the other campers who need to hear the same truths — that God will always love them and that they are not a mistake.


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