2016 Summer Staff

We are so excited to announce our summer staff for the 2016 summer! They are all excellent young adults who are passionate about serving others and our campers. We are overwhelmed by the level of excitement and spiritual mature they have all shared throughout the interview process. Here is who will be serving this summer!

Activity Staff:

  • Adventure Director-Archery: Mary Parker Robertson
  • Adventure Director- Ropes: Kierstin Spottswood
  • Crafts Director: Lucy Kaplan
  • First Aid Director: David McDuffie
  • Lifeguard: Summer Hancock & Katyln Griffis
  • Music Director: Brooke Cagle
  • PUF: Sarah Anna Wilson
  • Recreation: Rachel Giampapa
  • Waterfront Director: Rowland Brothers & Kari Kennel


  • DayShore Director: Jeanie Mask
  • DayShore Assistant Director: Eva Pray
  • Camp Hope Series Director: Jeremy McDuffie
  • Wilderness Director: Bethany Dietz

Resident Counselors:

  • Allie Thomas
  • Ally Webb
  • Ashleigh Porter
  • Claire Poirier
  • Emily Houston
  • Emily Taylor (WO)
  • Grace Ann Calfee
  • Hannah Peeple
  • Juliana Halpern
  • Kathryn Nation
  • Kristin McNutt
  • Payden Taylor
  • Christian Griffis
  • Daniel Johnson “DJ”
  • Hayden Murry (WO)
  • Jarrett Snider
  • Jordan Carpenter
  • Nathan Mays
  • Noah Houck
  • Tanner Williams
  • Trevor Freeman
  • William Cooney


Please be in prayer as they prepare their hearts, minds, and souls to give all that they have to ensure that all encounter life, love, and the God of grace.







One thought on “2016 Summer Staff

  1. For those unaware, the area directors are as follows:
    DayShore – Jeanie Mask
    Wilderness – Bethany Dietz
    Oxley/Camp Hope Series – Jeremy McDuffie

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