Meet our 2015 Resident Counselors: Curtis and Kate!

Our Resident Counselors spend their summers living day in and day out with our campers!  They travel with their cabin to their activities and serve as their mentors throughout the week!

Curtis Severns:

Position: Resident Counselor

School: Mississippi State University

Major: Sports Business

Hometown: Paducah, KY

Favorite Canteen Combo: Yoo-hoo and Twix Ice Cream

Favorite get to know you question: Favorite Food? (His is Tortellini with bacon and alfredo)

Ideal Vacation Spot: New Zealand

Dream Career: Backup NFL Punter

Favorite Bible Verse: 1 Peter 4:8

Curtis believes that his spiritual gift is showing signs of mercy. He plans to show mercy by being a person that everyone feels safe and comfortable opening up to. He is excited about being here and being able to see all the different people that his camp is able to impact


Kate Mobley:

Position: Resident Counselor

School: University of Tennessee Chattanooga

Major: Biology

Hometown: Newark, AK / Lexington, TN

Favorite Canteen Combo: Lemonade and Kit Kat

Favorite get to know you question: What is your favorite color? (Hers is emerald green and dark orange)

Ideal Vacation Spot: Aarhus, Denmark

Dream Career: National Geography explorer/photographer

Favorite Bible Verse: Psalm 18:29

Kate believes that her spiritual gift is helping others. She helps other in whatever way she can. That can look like encouragement, support, listening, or anything else someone might need from her. She is excited about having campers here again and being able to share with them t he place and things that she loves so much!



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