Camp is in Full Swing!

Week 2 is under way and camp is in full swing! We are really excited to have Junior High 1, Wilderness 1, Elementary arts, and Teen Hope camps all going on this week!

Junior High has been having all kinds of fun during their sessions learning all about the Holy Spirit. This high-energy group has also had a lot of fun participating in some really fun all camp activities that their leadership team has created! Last night was real life clue and tonight they will be participating in a charades scavenger hunt!

Elementary arts have already made some really awesome creations! This creative group will learn all about the Holy Spirit this week while using their creative minds to complete some amazing art projects! We can’t wait to see what their projects will be this week!

Wilderness camp is having a great time, and not even having to break that much of a sweat! The temperature has been great for all of their outdoor activities! Tomorrow, they will canoe the Buffalo River and they could not be more excited!

Follow our camps on social media this week! We will be using several hashtags that you can follow to keep up with camp happenings! Make sure to follow the hashtags: #lakeshoreuma #powerup2K15 #jrhighone2K15 #elemarts2K15 and #wildone2K15


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