Meet our 2015 Wilderness Director: Daniel!

Daniel is our Wilderness director this summer!  He is going to work with all of the wilderness camps this summer.  He will lead campers in their theme times and make sure that the they are having a great time!

Daniel Woodin:

Position: Wilderness Director

School: MTSU Graduate

Major: Aerospace Maintenance Management

Hometown: Woodbury, TN

Favorite Canteen Combo: Yoo-hoo with Twix Ice Cream

Favorite Get to Know You Question: What’s Your Story?

Ideal Vacation Spot: The Mountains

Dream Career: Professional Fisherman

Favorite Bible Verse: Acts 20:24

Daniel believes that his spiritual gift is being a servant. He loves to serve others and is willing to do anything he needs to do for people in order to promote their walk in Christ. He is excited about Encouraging campers and staff members to grow in their faith and Glorify God in all that they do not only this summer, but out in the “real world.”



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