Meet our 2015 Activity Staff: Hannah Jo!

Hannah Jo is our Music and media Director this summer!  The music and media director plays the music for theme times and all worships as well as runs camp media!  Music is an important part of camp that the campers love!

Hannah Jo Riley:

Position: Music Director

School: Belmont University

Major: Entertainment Industry Studies/Sports Media

Hometown: Murray, KY

Favorite Canteen Combo: Coke Zero and Sour Straws

Favorite get to know you question: What is your favorite sport? (Hers is Football to watch and Tennis to play)

Dream Career: FBI Detective

Ideal Vacation spot: Kentucky Lake

Fun Fact: She can play more then 5 Instruments

Favorite Bible verse: Joshua 1:9

Hannah believes that her spiritual gifts are music and compassion. She hopes to aid in the worship experience at Lakeshore through her music. She also hopes to show compassion to campers through being able to see Christ’s love in many types of people. She is excited about seeing how the campers and other staff teach her and help her grow in her faith throughout the summer!



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