Meet our 2015 Activity Staff: Jeanie!

Jeanie is our 2015 First Aid Director.  We hope that nobody ever has to visit her, but she is there for our campers if they should need her help!

Jeanie Mask:

Position: First Aid Director

School: Bethel University

Major: Child Learning and Development/Exceptional Learning and Development

Hometown: Arlington, TN

Favorite canteen condo: Sprite and Cheeze its

Favorite get to know you question? You have to fight any cereal mascot to the death, who do you choose and why? (She would choose captain crunch because they are both pirates)

Dream Career: Park Ranger

Ideal Vacation Spot: the Mountains

Fun Fact: She is obsessed with pirates

Favorite Bible verse: 1 John 4:7

Jeanie believes her spiritual gift is compassion. She plans to use this gift by helping campers, counselors, and staff who might require first aid care. She is excited about experiencing a new job on staff and challenging herself in a position that is not familiar to her.



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