Meet our 2015 Activity Staff: Dany and David!

Dany and David are our Adventure directors this summer!  The adventure directors lead nature fun, high and low ropes, creekstomping, and archery.  While with Dany and David, campers have the chance to have fun and see God work through his beautiful creation!

Dany Keiser:

Position: Adventure Director

School: Ole Miss

Major: History and English

Hometown: Bentonville, AR

Favorite Canteen Combo: Orange Soda and Sour Belts

Favorite get to know you Question: What’s the best thing that happened to you today?

Ideal Vacation Spot: Amsterdam

Dream Career: National Geographic Photographer

Favorite Bible Verse: Philippians 4:13

Danny believes that her spiritual gift is encouragement. She finds a lot of joy in encouraging others and hopes that she is able to do this in not only archery and ropes, but also in commonplace meetings with campers and other counselors. Danny is excited about the new staff this summer and is very excited to have a different camp experience than last summer!


David McDuffie:

Position: Adventure Director

School: University of Tennessee

Major: Biology

Hometown: Collierville, TN

Favorite Canteen Combo: Zero Bar

Favorite get to know you question: If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why? (He would be Captain America because of his patriotism and his attitude)

Ideal Vacation Spot: Destin, FL or the Smoky Mountains

Dream Career: Umpire for Major League Baseball

Favorite Bible Verse: Philippians 2: 3-4

David believes that his spiritual gift is interacting with people. He hopes to use it this summer to make couselors and staff feel welcome and comfortable. He also hopes to encourage campers to feel comfortable at camp and open up to the people that they meet here and create a family-like atmosphere. He is excited to serve in a role at camp that he has never had before. He is looking forward to the new challenges and offering campers a way to experience new things. He is also pumped about creekstomping!



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