Rain or Shine, Campers are Here!

Campers are here! Rain or shine, we are excited to welcome our first group of campers for the summer. This week we are hosting four camps! Today, we welcomed our Elementary 1 camp, Hammock camp, and Teen Hope. Elementary Wilderness will be joining us on Wednesday!

Hammock Camp

Hammock Camp is brand new to Lakeshore and this full camp of senior high aged campers couldn’t be more excited to be the first ever Lakeshore Hammock Camp! Today, they found their site for the week and are currently getting their hammocks set up and situated for the week.

Elementary 1

Elementary campers have gotten all situated in their cabins and are having a blast in the pool! We have fun activities lined up for tonight! Our campers will participate in progressive games. This all-camp activity is a time that campers and counselors not only get to play and have fun, but also get messy! Progressive games are a highlight of any week here at Lakeshore!

2015 Theme 

This week, all camps will study our 2015 curriculum: Power Up! Campers will have the opportunity to dive into study about the Holy Spirit. This morning in staff bible study, we discussed our thoughts on the Holy Spirit. We decided that we are all really excited for this summer’s curriculum because the Holy Spirit is something that we can learn way more about. We will truly be able to grow along with our campers this summer through our study.


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