Meet our 2015 Activity Staff: Mary Parker!

We are excited to welcome Mary Parker as our 2015 Recreation Director!  At recreation, campers get the chance to play all sorts of games.  Some favorites are Gaga Ball, Basketball, and Survivor Ball!  Campers have the chance to play and have fun while developing relationships with each other while working as a team.

Mary Parker Robertson:

Position: Recreation Director

School: Auburn University

Major: Health Services Administration

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Favorite Canteen Combo: Dr. Pepper with a Hershey’s Cookies and Cream

Favorite Get to Know You Question: What is Your happiest memory?

Ideal Vacation Spot: Anywhere Tropical or Europe

Dream Career: Memphis Grizzlies Manager

Fun Fact: She does not have favorite colors

Favorite Bible verse: Jonah 1:17

Mary Parker believes that her spiritual gifts are communication and connection. She wants to use these gifts to form deep, intentional relationships with others. Some of her favorite memories and moments have been when she has been in community with others and she wants to help others to have these moments. She is excited to hang out and play with kids and create memories with them!

Mary Parker


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