Meet Our 2015 Activity Staff: Alix and DJ!

We are excited to have our 2015 summer staff back for the summer!  Here you will meet Alix and DJ our awesome aquatics directors for the summer!  At aquatics campers have the opportunity to play on our beach, kayak, canoe, paddle board, and play on our new river tubes!  They also get the chance to ride our pontoon boats and explore Kentucky Lake.

Daniel Johnson (DJ):

Position: Aquatics Director

School: Middle Tennessee State University

Major: Music Education

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Favorite canteen combo: Coke and Butterfinger Cups

Favorite get to know you question: What do you do for fun? (His answer is he plays saxophone and sings or plays basketball or swims!)

Dream Career: College Band Director

Ideal vacation spot: Anywhere comfy that he can sleep

Fun fact: He loves food

He believes that his spiritual gift is humor. He hopes to use this gift to break down barriers amongst campers and staff. He is excited for the opportunity to work with a new staff as well as foster relationships with previous staff and grow in his faith.


Alix McLemore:

Position: Aquatics Director

School: University of Tennessee Chattanooga

Major: Exceptional Learning

Hometown: Jackson, TN

Favorite canteen combo: Diet Coke and Pretzels

Favorite get to know you question: What’s your favorite Disney movie? (Hers is anything but Pocahontas)

Dream career: Mermaid

Ideal Vacation Spot: Florida Keys

Fun Facts: Her favorite snack is beef jerky, she is afraid of storms, and she likes NASCAR

Favorite Bible verse: Hebrews 12:1

Alix believes that her spiritual gift is compassion and she hopes to be able to take care of the people she serves with and be encouraging. She is excited about playing with campers in the lake and working with her Aquatics partner DJ!



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