Summer Has Arrived!

It’s been a long winter. Snow, ice, and below normal temperatures have not been the best indicator that summer will be upon us in a month and a half! While the past few weeks have been filled with chilling weather we have at least one sign that camp is soon. The annual marking of “I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW CLOSE SUMMER IS” has happened.

On March 21st, we interviewed several young adults who have felt the call to serve with us throughout the entire summer. These young adults come from all over the conference, from different colleges, from different churches, and from different camp experiences. Some have spent every possible opportunity on property, coming to camps, retreats, and even counseling. Realizing that God is not done with them yet, some have reapplied from previous Summer Staffs. A few are new. They have little to no Lakeshore experience, but something, we know it’s God, has called them to serve. All of these young adults have shown and demonstrated that God is truly at work in their lives. They have a passion to share the gospel. They are each determined to not simply just speak of God’s grace and love, but to live it out by sacrificing their summer to love, care for, nurture, and teach all the campers that will call Lakeshore home this summer. As you can tell, we are pretty impressed and excited to have such a wonderful group.

2015 Lakeshore Summer Staff
Female Resident Counselors (RC’s)
Beth Fleming
Hannah Peeples
Juliana Halpern
Kari Kennel
Kate Mobley
Katlyn Griffis
Kierstin Spottswood
Kristen McNutt
Lily Johnson (Wilderness Oxley Resident Counselor: WO RC)
Savannah Norment

Male Resident Counselors (RC’s)
Adam Barton
Curtis Severns
Foster Johnstone
Jacob Potter
Jeremy McDuffie (Wilderness Oxley Resident Counselor: WO RC)
Nathan Mays
Thomas Cochran
Walt Johnson

Activity Staff
Music Director: Hannah Riley
1st Aid Director: Jeanie Mask
Program Utility Facilitator “P.U.F”: Shannon Park
Recreation Director: Mary Parker Robertson
Craft Director: Emily Taylor
Pool Lifeguards: Payden Taylor & Eva Pray
Adventure Directors: (Archery) Dany Keiser & (Ropes) David McDuffie
Waterfront Directors: Alix McLemore & Daniel Johnson aka “DJ”

Camp Hope Series Director “Oxley”: Sara Mischke
Wilderness Camp Director: Daniel Woodin
Staff has been hired, volunteer counselors are turning in forms, and campers are filling up camps. Summer has arrived. Please be in prayer for all of our staff, volunteers, and campers families. In just a little over a month, yes a month, our 2015 Summer Staff will be setting foot on this sacred ground. Camp is right around the corner and we are ready!


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