Welcome our 2014 Summer Staff

The process for this summer’s staff was a long one. Many of those who applied did not find out that they were on staff until close to midnight. The interview team, with much prayer, helped place these young men and women into the role they felt each individual could best serve this summer. It was not an easy decision by any means, but we are very excited to announce our 2014 Lakeshore Summer Staff. In no particular order, here is our summer staff!

Activity Staff:

Program Utility Facilitator (PUF): Ellis Bagley

Music Director: Hannah Riley

1st Aid Director: Karley Tapp

Recreation Director: Michael McNeely

Craft Director: Alexis Scott

Adventure Director: Dany Keiser

Adventure Director: Ethan Buyer

Lifeguard: Juliana Halpern

Lifeguard: Daniel Johnson

Aquatics Director: Jeanie Mask

Aquatics Director: Sara Mischke


Female Resident Counselors:

Bethany Dietz (Wilderness/ Oxley Counselor “WO”)

Eileen Emerson

Emily Taylor

Gracie Cocke

Kate Mobley

Rachel Thompson

McKenzie Bullwinkel

Sarah Anna Wilson

Suzanne Harvey

Sydney Gilliam


Male Resident Counselors:

Daniel Woodin (Wilderness/ Oxley Counselor “WO”)

David McDuffie

Jeremy McDuffie

Jeremy Meister

Josh Hayes

Sumner Gilliam

Thomas Cochran

Tyler Kennel


Oxley Director: Megan Montgomery

Wilderness Director: Joe Montgomery

Camp Chaplain (title might change): Danielle Daniels


Please join us in praying for all of our summer staff, volunteers, leadership, permanent staff, and our campers who might set foot on our grounds this summer. We are excited to have a new summer just around the corner. These young adults have answered their call to serve this summer. They will work side by side to help live out our mission: Offering ways for all to encounter life, love, and the God of grace.


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