Meet Some of Our RC’s! Sarah Anna & Rachel Rochester

Sarah Anna and Rachel are both very special counselors. Sarah Anna is joining us for her  1st summer on Summer Staff. I would dare to say that she has been the biggest growth and transformation I have ever personally seen in an individual. Sarah Anna bring joy and a work ethic that makes her a wonderful staff member. Rachel is a returning Summer Staff member, but this is her 1st year serving as an RC. Rachel radiates with Christ love, not only to each individual camper but also all of Summer Staff. She is passionate, playful, and a strong leader. Both girls have been a pure pleasure to lead and grow with. I am excited I had the opportunity to watch them grow and become something new.


Sarah Anna Wilson


“You are altogether beautiful, my love there is no flaw in you.” Song of Solomon 4:7

Hometown: Humboldt, TN

High School: South Gibson County HS

College: Bethel University

Major: Music Education (elementary)

Dream Job: Traveling the world doing mission work

Favorite Color: PINK

Hobbies: Theater, singing, dancing, soccer, running, anything fun!

Interesting Fact: I have extra long toes plus my second toe is longer than my big toe!

Favorite camp food: Pancakes!!!

Favorite camp activity: Paddleboarding in the lake

A little about your experience coming to Lakeshore:

I started coming to  Lakeshore when I was 5 and I haven’t missed a summer! I have also VC’d many, many weeks and can’t wait to be on staff!

A moments you encountered God or where you see God at camp:

During a worship one night a few summers ago, it was really powerful
and I saw God work through every single one of my campers and I
couldn’t have been more blessed to have them that week.

What does this ministry mean to you?
I really like to put emphasis on the fact that camp is for the kids. It is for their experience as a camper. I want campers to grow closer to Christ during their time at camp and having a blast at the same time.

Rachel Rochester


“This is another reason why I wrote you. I wanted to test you and see if you are obedient in everything.” 2 Corinthians 2:9

Hometown: Collierville, TN

High School: Collierville High School

College: Mississippi State

Major: Psychology

Dream Job: I want to be an occupational therapist and work with special needs kids.

Favorite Color: blue/green

Hobbies: swimming, reading, being outside

Favorite camp food: SLUDGE

A little about your experience coming to Lakeshore:
I grew up coming to Lakeshore as a camper every summer since I was 9. I was mostly a wilderness camper.  I was lifeguard last summer.

A moments you encountered God or where you see God at camp:

I see God a lot in nature at camp.  In the trees, in the stars at night.  I also see God when I see campers grow in their faith and worship God wholeheartedly throughout the week.
Why did you apply to be on staff?

I applied to be on staff because
this place has shaped my faith and my life so much.  I want help
other people to experience God’s presence and love at this place in
the same way that I did as a camper.

What does this ministry mean to you?

This ministry means the world to me.  I would not have the faith I do today without Lakeshore. God’s
presence is so alive and so evident in this place and the love that is
showed and that is experienced through this ministry is like nowhere
else.  It’s something I which everyone had the opportunity to experience.


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