Camp is here!

So here we are. The time has arrived that so many have been anticipating for much of the year.  The summer camp season is upon us! Here are a few things that will very clearly let you know that is Summer Camp time.

1) Summer staff have blown up all social media with statements of excitement about their future campers

2) The smell of bug spay, sunscreen, and body odor has filled the conference center

3) Counselors channel their inner child singing songs and playing silly games

4) Parking lots turn into art galleries full of colorful chalk drawing

5) Camden Walmart is out of cool-whip, shaving cream, band-aids, and craft string

The list could truly go on and on. Summer is a time full of warm memories of fellowship and adventure. At Lakeshore summer time is a very special time set a part from the rest of the year. We are a Camp and Retreat Center, for 10 months we are packed full of retreats from all over western Kentucky and Tennessee. Those other 2 months something different happens. Summer camp is not better than retreat season, its just different. The whole idea of living with complete strangers for an entire week away from your personal house sounds kinda absurd.  Campers come and are placed in a community they did not hand pick. We attend worship that is totally different from any church service, but echos the same praise of our loving God. We play games that sounds completely made up, that’s because they really are. We join in singing song about random animals doing random things. At this very moment while I sit here and type camp is alive all around me. I hear elementary camp singing with their little voices the song “Baby Shark”. Tennis shoes are squeaking as boys run back from the water fountain. Kids outside are screaming “YES YES LORD!” as a response to the opening prayer to Progressive Games (wet and messy games). Laughter and excited screaming fill the cool evening sky.

This week at camp we are joined by 5 different groups

Treehouse #1 is here having a blast learning about God and playing GaGa Ball with Jonathan Gowan.

Girls Teen Hope is  a small but very sweet group of girls led by Kellie Jones.

Jr. High #1  is a huge group of girls and a few boys scattered here and there. Tonight they just finished up their game of Hide-and-Seek with the Activity Staff. They are being led by Sarah Comuzie, Brad Mills, Tara Braddock, and Taylor Parimore

Elm. #1 is led by Kristen Brandon and David Houston. They are have spent time in nature, swimming, and learning about God

Stay tuned to learn more about what is happening here.


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