Welcome Home Ethan Buyer!

Co-Adventure Director 2013


Until fourteen months ago, I never knew Lakeshore existed. The closest I ever got to it was going to the Scout Camp in Camden one year. My second time ever coming on the property was to interview for this summer. My first was a music and drama camp last summer. I was fortunate enough to be convinced to come and volunteer, and I had a blast.

So naturally when I applied I had the word outsider ingrained in my head. But as the interview team and others told me, it is not bad to be the outsider, it provides a new look on camp. I am excited about a new experience. I have no bias or previous familiarity to know what camp will be like all summer. The newly-made position of Adventure Director called my name because I love being outside and sharing that love with others. I usually like getting out of my comfort zone, and I especially like seeing others do that too. And when we do that, we grow a little and learn more about ourselves. My typical day does not involve shooting a bow or running around in a creek. But that is why our job was created, so maybe the kids will be as excited as we are to climb the rock wall and learn how to trust fall. We want camp to be exciting and fun for the kids. So that they feel so loved they don’t want to leave.

As I met and talked to people who have experienced camp, I could tell this place was different. Many of them called it home, and I did not quite understand what they meant. The heart of man longs for heaven, and when our hearts finds peace in a place like Lakeshore it is because we see a little bit of what we long for. Lakeshore is in no way perfect, but we can see a resemblance of heaven there. Just like children resemble their parents, we catch a glimpse of what is to come. One day, someday, we will get to experience the fullness of what God made us for. I see glimpses of heaven when I feel most loved. And often times I think the kids that come to Lakeshore feel the most love there. That is what makes this place home for so many. Camp might be the one week a year where these kids get one on one attention with an adult (if you can call us that). And I can speak for all of summer staff that we are just as ready to love and be loved by these kids the way God has called us to. This summer holds so much for this staff and the campers we will meet,  but I know we are all so fired up to be here and finally come home.


2 thoughts on “Welcome Home Ethan Buyer!

  1. Obviously, Ethan wrote this blog. I just posted it on his behalf so ignore it when it says by garydlawsonsr. I tried to edit that out but could not figure out how to do it.

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