Summer is . . . ! Lakeshore is . . . ! We Are Ready.


Summer. Every young person who has ever served at Lakeshore in any capacity longs for it. Summer makes sense. Summer is green. Summer is alive. Summer is familiar. Summer is love.

Lakeshore has become a second home to many of us who have been on staff or volunteered before. Lakeshore is excitement. Lakeshore is comfortable. Lakeshore is ministry. Lakeshore is Family.

Camp is one of a few places in this world where we know that we can be loved unconditionally. Camp is knowing that there will be cheesy breadsticks on Wednesdays. Camp is being a part of something larger than oneself. Camp is a place where barriers between you and God are minimal. Camp is a little part of God’s Kingdom here on Earth.

This summer is arriving right on time. With the craziness of the first year of college winding down, I’m ready to get back to what I love the most: being in 102 degree heat with 200% humidity and a dozen spirited campers running willy-nilly in a dozen different directions. I’m ready to get back to hastily planned worships that end up having profound impacts on young lives. I’m ready to get back to elementary campers teaching my craft-challenged self to tie a simple bracelet. I’m ready to be at a loss for words while I’m seeing the sun rise and reflect off of Kentucky Lake. I’m ready for the problem camper that needs God’s love more than anything else in the world. I’m ready to be in the clearing above wilderness hill with an unobstructed view of the night sky, away from all noise, where the only things I have near are my thoughts, God’s voice, and his creation above. I’m ready to get back to the dining hall, where some of the sweetest women I’ve ever met cook us three delicious meals a day. I’m ready to get back to singing so loudly and with such passion that our voices give out. I’m ready. I’m ready.

Some people don’t understand camp. Some people view it as a “waste of a summer” for a college student. Some people say we ought to be doing something more productive, or “living up to our potential”. Those of us on staff see it as one the most incredible, indescribable opportunities we will get this side of heaven. And we’re ready for it.


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