Lakeshore is Not a House, but a Home

Lakeshore for so many, including myself, is seen as a “home away from home”. For many years I have thought of what home means to me in my life journey and why it is such a sacred word full of emotions and memories. Home is not simply a building where you rest your head. It is far more than a place to eat, study, relax, or be with “family”.  No, home is much more complicated than all of our Norman Rockwell images of Thanksgiving. (Go look up Norman Rockwell if you are not sure who I’m talking about.) A home is different from a house. A house can be empty, lifeless, and forgotten. A home is full of emotions, memories, life, and most of all love.

Lakeshore has for years been a place for so many of God’s children to come and join a family unlike any other. This is not to rid us of our “families” but to enhance the ones we already claim. This place is special. Actually special is not quite the word. It is Holy, set apart not because God is more concentrated or more lively here, but because we cease to be a stumbling block to Grace. We do not come here to prevent others from encountering God. The exact opposite happens. We join hand in hand in ministry to help each other break down the walls we have constructed between our hearts and the very God who pours over us unbridled love. Each and every person, young and old, has had a part in revealing and reflecting God’s magnificent love to others. This reflection of God has not been a small cheap mirror, NO it has been and will continue to be as great as the sunlight reflected off the moon. It will continue to shine and allow others to see with their own eyes the magnitude of our God, the greatness of hope, and the power of love.  Lakeshore is a home because God is here, and we have set aside our own desires and have joined together as a community to become children once again of the Most High.

Homes are places where we learn, grow, fail, and are still loved. This is Lakeshore. Everyone who steps foot on these sacred grounds joins a family that looks beyond age, race, gender, and even political party. We are a home to all who  will dare to be challenged, broken, joyful, uplifted, confused, prodigals, outcast, conservatives, liberals, and those refuse to acknowledge they need hope. We are a home to all of God’s children, even the ones who don’t understand they are God’s.  We are a home because we do not place a “Do Not Disturb” sign on front door. Instead we have people who embody the mission of Lakeshore.

“offer ways  for all to encounter life, love, and the God of grace”

I am proud to say that we once again we have an amazing group who have accepted their call to serve at Lakeshore for this summer. They all understand why this place is home. They understand the mission we serve, and most importantly they have decided to take on the the job of offering ways for all (not just children) to encounter life, love, and the God of grace. I am overwhelmed with joy to announce the 2013 Lakeshore Summer Staff.

First Aid:          Sarah Jane Camper

PUF:                     Shawn Schuring

Music:                Alex Hartsell

Recreation:    Paige Martin

Crafts:                Teela Ethridge

(please note that Teela would like to be called “Craft Master” this is not official but it would make her super happy)

Aquatics:         Jeanie Mask

Aquatics:         Alix McLemore

Lifeguard:       Juliana Halpern

Lifeguard:       Kelsey Kennel

Adventure:    Allison Doyle

Adventure:    Ethan Buyer

Female RCs:

Megan Montgomery (Wilderness/ Oxley)

Breck Severns

Abigail Swan

Sarah Anna Wilson

Rachel Rochester

Bethany Dietz

Sara Mischke

Suzanne Harvey

Ellis Bagley

Rachel Thompson

Male RCs:

Matthew Owen (Wilderness/ Oxley)

Drew Rochester

Tyler Kennel

Sumner Gilliam

Joe Montgomery

Keith Schaal

Ben Burkeen

Jack Dodson

Please be in prayer for all of those listed above as well as all of those who will join us in ministry and will never be placed on a list. So many make this place a home. As we prepare for the up and coming Summer Camp season let us pray for every life that will experience life, love and the God of grace; and pray we do not keep it to ourselves. Instead let us shine God’s light to the darkest of alleys. Let us all answer our call to become children again, to fearlessly dream big dreams of a better world. Let us breakdown walls of doubt and insecurity and shine  light on a path paved with compassion and understanding. I dare you to be fearless, uncomfortable and brave. Stand for what is right no matter who else is standing and realize Lakeshore is special because God is great. Let us stop limiting God to camp and acknowledge that we are called to make this world a home for all of God’s children.


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