First words- Life, Love, & the God of Grace


So here it is. Let me introduce myself before i dive into this too much. I’m Tiffany, the new Program Director at Lakeshore. I am not 100% sure on how I am to introduce myself since I am very much in a place of learning and growing. I officially started this position on Jan. 2, 2013! I have had an amazing group around me, training me, supporting me, and at times acting as my parents. I find it strange that I am now claiming Troy’s office as my own. I find it difficult to to comprehend just how massive this transition means for my, but I am not making this transition on my own.

Meet Emerson! He was named after Ralph Waldo Emerson, my favorite writer.

Emerson’s Bio


Age: 6 mon.

From: Murray KY

Nicknames: Mr. Pookie, Emmy, Hop-scotch, Ralph

Favorite camp memory: Running off the end of the dock, not realizing that it ended and ending up in freezing cold water….but now I know how to swim!

Favorite camp activity: FETCH!

Favorite camp food: anything you are eating

Real Stuff

The largest reason this “1st” post has taken so long has been due to the what it stands for. Publishing this post makes this real. I am no longer a student dreaming of their Dream Job. I am living it. This is not how life works. I have yet to finish school, which is currently adding a very interesting twist to my life. This is the job I have dreamed about for years and here it is. Saying that I am thankful is very much an understatement. I honestly have not had words to express it. I have told Troy a million times that “I’m excited”, and those have been the only words i have found. Troy means the world to me. He has been a huge part of my growth into the person that I currently am. I feel as if we have been training and preparing for this position for years now.  Many have told me they miss Troy, but are glad I’m here. I don’t think people realize that I miss Troy as well. I have never been to camp without him. We have gone through so much since 2006. He has acted as boss, prayer partner, mentor, and friend. He has spent countless hrs teaching and showing me things that I might need one day. That day is today. Most of my thought and ideas on ministry and love for camping has come from talks with him in what is now my office. Troy and I had a conversation once about camping ministry. We talked about how it’s a love for the ministry not just Lakeshore. A few years back I realized I was called into camping ministry, not just to be at Lakeshore. I have been preparing myself to face the fact that I would have to leave, but that it’s about the bigger picture, the love for camp. I never could have imagined coming straight to Full-time from summer staff. I have always been told that I will have to work my way to my dream job, and for the moment I am exactly there. I am very thankful for this opportunity to be a hand in this ministry. I am excited to see what God has in store for all of us.

While Troy may have said goodbye, it is not truly over. He has just joined a very elite group of people,those who love this place, this ministry, but now have been called to pour that love to the world. We have all been there. That moment you realize you must leave, turning down that road that seems to bring so much joy and sorrow. The beautiful thing about Lakeshore is that it’s the people that help make this such an amazing place. Trust me. When you are here by yourself its not the craft hut building that brings joy, but the memories of worship, campers smiling, silly songs, and pure child like faith.  The true love, experience, and community that is created here extends far beyond Eva. Lakeshore is home and will forever be home to all of  us who see it as such, even if we have to physically move on. No matter where we are, school, work, Boston, Florida, across the world, or Murray, God is God and what Lakeshore has helped us to experience is life, love, and the God of grace. Something that all the world deserves to experience. So in the words of Gary Lawson aka Papa G… “Go and be about the family business.”


2 thoughts on “First words- Life, Love, & the God of Grace

  1. So. Much. Love. For. This. Blog. Post. Okay, that was obnoxious. Whatever. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the next camp blog–and your first camp blog in this position! So excited for you and this transition–and for camp! I know it’s a lot to take in, but I have no doubt in my mind that you are already doing a wonderful job. Lakeshore’s ministry is blessed to have you as a full-time staff member.

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