Thanksgiving from the Shore

This Week at Lakeshore will take a break this week, and, instead, we’ll go over some of the many things we are thankful for. Hope you enjoy our list. We’d love to hear from you and see your lists.

A few things we’re thankful for:

-Those sunsets that turn the sky purple, orange, and red over the river
-The cookies from our kitchen
-A home for Oreo the cat
-Walks to the creek
-Worship in the Tabernacle
-The knowledge and wisdom of Martha
-The songs of the frogs and crickets in the summer
-Enough support to pay the bills and continue to grow
-Bill’s artistic eye
-The inspiration and hands that built the Prayer Chapel
-Bishop McAlilly
-Everyone who volunteers during the summer
-The vision of Gary
-That driftwood cross in the sunroom that has been around longer than most of us
-The view of the stars on a clear night, while walking to your cabin
-Being comforted by Vickie
-Sitting in a rocking chair by the fireplace on a cold day
-Tiffany Dowdy
-The way college kids grow every year on our Summer Staff
-That feeling of perfect peace at the end of a week of camp or retreat
-The pure, kind-hearted spirit of Dian
-Travis’ ability to fix anything
-The fact that the milfoil lake grass is finally receding
-The support of our Conference
-The hug of an old friend as you walk through the front door of the Conference Center
-Corky’s cooking ability
-The feeling you have getting into the pool on a hot summer day
-The gift of the John McNeel refreshment center
-Jim’s ability to always make you laugh and feel better about yourself
-The United Methodist NOMADS
-The Camp Bluebird parade
-Something from the canteen
-Raenell’s latest recipes
-The fact that Kathy and Ashley are willing to come back each day to clean up the camp
-That people are interested in camp enough to follow this blog, facebook, twitter and the rest
-Being able to do work that helps people know God more deeply
-The God who is the reason this place was created.

May all of you realize the blessings in your life, and may we truly give thanks for them.


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