Lakeshore dreams of Nature Playground

Lakeshore is always dreaming of new ways to add to our ministry and bring our guests in closer touch with God and his world. One of our newer visions is a nature playground. This playground will be located just behind the Boy’s Side dormitory cabins, so it will give guests a play place close by. It is near camp, but still feels secluded. Unlike typical playgrounds, this playground’s equipment will be almost completely natural. This will give kids of all ages a chance to come into contact with the natural world during their play.

Check out this website to see examples of the nature playgrounds we got our inspiration from: We have already cleared ground and began some rudimentary construction, but we could use help. There is more clearing to be done, construction of play areas, and there are designs questions we have for some of the areas we’ve imagined. We’d love to have people with landscaping and native plant knowledge to offer advice, so we can make this playground a special place to visit. To volunteer or offer advice, call the camp at 731-584-6102, email, or leave a comment on the Lakeshore Camp and Retreat Center Facebook Page. 


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