Prayer Chapel gets a Facelift

Lakeshore’s Prayer Chapel has seen many incarnations. It is located in the bottom of the Conference Center. It has served as a Camp Office, Staff Dining Hall, and even Lodging for Staff in its lifetime. We’ve been working for some time now to make the chapel actually feel like a chapel. It has, in the past, been a quiet room with furniture ranging from altars to couches. As it was, though, we just didn’t feel like it really invited you to enter in reverence and a prayerful spirit. It was really more of a¬†religiously themed lounge.

So, we spent a lot of time talking about changes, discussing different configurations, and slowly we began to envision a place that incorporates the natural surroundings into a room that inspires holiness and devotions. Most of the things you see in the Prayer Chapel now are made from materials found at camp, and virtually all of it was done by volunteers. So many people have generously given their time and gifts to make this place look like it does now. We have a few more things we’d like to accomplish. We plan to line the outer wall with crosses of different styles from all over the world. We hope to make the lighting a little more friendly. We’re not completely satisfied with the ceiling tiles. We hope to put a small heating/air conditioning unit in the room someday. But, for now, when you go into the chapel we think you’ll find that it feels like a very holy place.

I visited the chapel today to take pictures. My goals were to show all the changes and try to make some artsy photographs. While in the room, I lit the candles on our driftwood candle holder built with help from Tiffany Dowdy and Sarah Jane Camper. There’s the Stain Glass Window, made for us by Ann Jeffords. The hard floor put in by our Summer Staff during the Staff Work Week. The walls filled with nature scenes and Bible verses painted by Alyssa Jones. The kneeler at the window made by Renie, one of the residents on Mockingbird Hill just down the road. The wooden benches were made by a then boyfriend of one of our Summer Staff members years ago. So many hands came together to make this place what it is. It’s such a great microcosm of what this place is. There are certainly many other holy places at this camp. They have grown to be that over time as, year after year, people come together to share God’s love and fellowship. Each time someone shares a prayer, counsel, or a simple hand on the shoulder, our memories of God in our life becomes even deeper connected to that place. We hope our Prayer Chapel will grow and become one of these spots among many here at the ‘Shore.

To see more pictures of the Prayer Chapel, check out our facebook page: http://www.facebook/LakeshoreCampAndRetreatCenter


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