Lakeshore’s First Family Backpack Retreat

Backpacking is an experience that people don’t soon forget. You take everything you need, strap it to your back, and set out into the wilderness for adventure, solitude, and challenge. It’s also a great place to bond and get to know people better. On our trips, we see people create bonds that are hard to come by in such a short period of time, because of that shared experience. In the end, groups feel like a family. So, what would happen if an actual family took a trip like this together?

This April, we hope to find out as we host the first Lakeshore Family Camp-out, a short backpacking trip for families of all ages. Families will arrive Saturday morning, learn the basics of backpacking, pack up and set out into the woods for a night. We will adventure to remote areas of Lakeshore’s property, set up camp, and cook supper together. There should also be plenty of chances for exploring the woods around us as well. Families of all ages are welcome–we will not be traveling a great distance. Lakeshore will provide a good bit of the equipment, as well.

For more information, contact Troy at or go to to print a brochure.


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