This week at Lakeshore 10/16-22

Though Winter is certainly not here yet, it went ahead and sent notice that is was on its way. With wind and rain, the temperatures plummeted. One night our low was 59 degrees, the next day, it was the high. The sky was gray, and you felt a chill through your body, since you are about 6 months removed from temperatures like that. In several months, days like these will be a call to put on short sleeves, but now it is a temptation to pull the sweatpants out. Justin had finished a day of carrying off fallen tree branches, and he and I talked about how complaining and weather go hand in hand. He said, “If it’s hot we can’t wait for it to get cold, if it’s cold we can’t wait for it to get hot. We just can’t be happy can we?”

Birds are flying from tree to tree in droves this week. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of birds bounce from tree to tree. I don’t know enough about them to have any idea what they are doing, but I assume this is a stop off as they journey to some place warmer. When they move, they move as one thing. It is a fast moving cloud that changes shape, settles into a tree, then later lights onto the next canopy. I wonder if it was scenes like this that inspired Hitchcock to come up with The Birds.

Corky was cleaning out a rooftop gutter that had a great deal of pine needles, when he discovered a garter snake sleeping in the stuff he was cleaning out. Jim said, “you aren’t about to pick that up are you?” Corky said, “Well yeah, of course I am.” Cork brought the snake over to the office to show the staff. With it being so cold outside, the snake was very mellow. Garter snakes, though harmless, can be pretty aggressive on a hot summer day. This one, was as mellow as one of the tame, camp snakes. Gary picked him up and brought him around to show off. Dian, not expecting to see a snake that day, jumped out of her seat and ran into my office. She still new and hasn’t completely grown comfortable with the fact that you are bound to see just about any type of animal at any given time in this office.

Women’s Emmaus came in last night to begin a 3 day, 4 night retreat that is almost certain to be a huge deal in the faith of some of the participants. It is such an undertaking. So many people are involved from the more mundane tasks to speaking to praying. It is pretty amazing to see the amount of coordination and the number of people involved in one of these retreats. Also, the sheer amount of food that is put away is pretty amazing as well. After making a post office run, I came in to find the staff with samples from the Emmaus snack table. There were sausage balls, cheese squares, crackers, pretzils, nuts, and nutter butter sandwich cookies with white frosting and two M & M eyeballs to make them look like ghosts. Ah, the perks of camp staff.

At the beginning of the week, I looked out my window and noticed something strange on one of the powerline poles. There was something hanging from it. As I looked closer, I realized it was the fuzzy tail of a squirrel. This squirrel was not moving, though. It feel victim to something you don’t see too often–getting stuck to a powerline, doomed to fry. Normally, it seems, the squirrels that come into fatal contact with a power line just get blasted off to the ground. This squirrel must have bit the line and got hung on it. He just stood there. It was as if time had been stopped. I waited for him to move, but he did not. In fact, he stayed there for days in the same position. He almost certainly died instantly, but in what must be a pretty embarrasing memorial, he was frozen in the fateful position that ended his life for many to see. I called Vickie over to my window to see it. Before long, the whole office staff had gone outside and gathered under the pole to get a better look. This qualifies as entertainment for a camp staff.

This weekend keep the Women of the Emmaus walk in your prayers. And, if you were wondering, the squirrel somehow got off the powerline between Thursday and Friday. Not sure how, though.


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