This week at Lakeshore 9/18-24

It’s a great time to be outdoors at Lakeshore. The mornings and evenings are cool, and the days are warm. We can even manage the day or two of steady rain we got, because it isn’t yet cold, and it isn’t so muggy that rain just creates a jungle mist. Yes, even the rainy days are the types you look at nostalgically. They are the ones you imagine observing from a hammock on your porch. Nature is giving us plenty of indicators that the seasons are changing. You see more red in the canopies when you look out now. The Beech trees are dropping the beech nuts in their little spiny cases, and almost no one notices. If you do though, they can make a nice treat with a little salt.

The autumnal equinox takes place on Friday, and we will have equal dark and light. The sun will rise exactly in the east and set exactly west. At Machu Pichu and Stonehenge, you’ll watch the sun line up perfectly with structures too old for us to get our heads around. The season of Fall begins for real, and we begin that march towards longer nights, colder temperatures, and fewer leaves. I looked up information this event, and one of the first statements was something to the effect of: “ancient people spent more time outside than we did.” That’s quite an understatement. I think about all the things that were much more common knowledge than they are these days like the stars and the seasons. The signs of weather and harvest. I would love to spend enough time outside to know these things. But, even as much as I love to be outdoors, I don’t approach that much time. Maybe years and years of observation with get me there, but who knows.

Stephanie worked hard this week to replace the shower curtains in all the cabins. She was very excited to find a set of curtains with rock designs that you may find privacy behind if you shower in the Calhoun Lodge. Others are solid colors–I’m sure regardless of what your particular shower curtain taste is, they will be better than the ones they are replacing. Stephanie got the shower curtains in just in time for Middle Tennessee Camp Bluebird to arrive on Thursday. For the next four days, we’ll get to host a special group of people. The actual bluebirds are still pretty evident too, if you look around. I would say they are probably heavy contenders for the most beautiful song birds we have around here. You notice the bright blue first, but then you notice the red breast color as well. You can identify a blue bird, even if you are the worst bird identifier in the world.

Yes, things are rolling right along. It seems like only a week or so ago, we were in the throws of summer, when we went as far out of balance towards longer days that we can possibly go. We are now back to being balanced, at least as far as light goes. Let’s hope we can take it’s lead and find balance in our lives too.

Keep our guests in your prayers, and keep our Friendship Dinner in Memphis, happening next week, on your hearts and minds.


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