This week at Lakeshore 8/21-27

If you look closely, here at camp, you can tell Fall is approaching, but there is still a ways to go. The Poplars have begun dropping their leaves, so if you are walking in the right place, you’ll feel and hear that crunch under your feet that you haven’t felt in many months. They aren’t everywhere, though–it’s not quite time to pull out the rakes. The nights have come along a little earlier in the evening, I’ve noticed, and the stars have been particularly beautiful. The nights are easy on the eyes, these days, and they are a little bit easier on the body. You can breathe like a normal human on most nights, a welcome change from the summer days.

The level of the river has begun to drop. Our canoe and kayak dock is pretty well on dry ground (well, the ground is still pretty wet, but there isn’t any water on top of it), and that means that our larger dock may soon follow suit. The maintenance staff had to jump into action on Monday to get our motorized boats out of the water before they did their best beached whale act. When it comes to motor boats, we’ve discovered, nothing is ever a certainty. All that they really had to do was start up the boats, drive them to put-in spot where a trailer was waiting, just up river. Of course, one of boats did not start and had to be towed in.

We say, “you never really know what to expect,” but, in truth, most of the time we do. In a given day, you have an idea of what you do, and usually you’re not too far off. The trouble comes when we confuse what we know with what we want to happen. If that balance swings too far in the direction of thinking based on what you want, you’re bound to be let down. Then on the other side, if you depend completely on what you already know, there’s no room to dream.

It looks like the heat is going to hang around the shore a little bit longer. We hope for cooler temperatures and rain, but if we look at the calendar, we really know better. It will be warm longer. We will probably be without rain for a few more weeks. The world is shifting there, it is for sure, but it does it at it’s own pace. Until then, we are left hoping and wishing, but reminding ourselves that God will act in his time as he sees fit. There is movement, though, it is in the air.

This weekend we have our Scrapbooking Retreat. Keep our guests in your prayers. Troy is leaving on vacation next week, so This Week at Lakeshore will take a two week break. Have no fear, though. We’ll be back.

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