This week at Lakeshore 8/14-20

This week at Lakeshore, we have had several days made for strolling. Maybe not so much the afternoon, when the sun has had a chance to work for several hours, but when you set out in the mornings and the evenings, it just feels so nice. You want to take a leisurely walk and survey the place. Look around and see what is new in this great world of ours. There’s something about even the slightest of temperature change in the right directions that lifts the spirits a bit.

The Tulip Poplars, who are perpetually competing to be first among the trees, have begun to yellow, and you can sense a dryness coming to their canopies. Before long, they will be the first to drop their leaves on our ground, and you will hear the familiar crunch of their large, hat-shaped leaves under your feet. For now, though, there is just that hint of yellow among the green.

While waiting for our retreat groups, I noticed that the cicadas were droning on pretty heavy. We did not experience the cicadas the way we had heard–in the biblical plague proportions. We haven’t seen the shells left from millions of large winged bugs molting and moving on. We missed out on everyone pranking each other by taking the cicada shells and sticking them in people hair. There have been traces–on occasional nights you’d hear the loud drone, and, if you look hard enough, you’ll find a dead cicada along your path. I heard they were pretty fearsome in Memphis, but for whatever reason, they didn’t show up in droves in Eva. Tonight, though, they sing like the last night of camp.

We have had some pretty beautiful sunsets at camp the past few days. Most of the pop-up storms on the forecast have missed us, but the fronts have brought in clouds. They are the clouds that look like cotton stretched out, mixed in with a few in-tact bundles. When the sun gets just beyond the horizon, the rays bounce off the clouds into purples, pinks, and oranges. It seems as if the rain, though, is avoiding us.

For now, we will take the light breeze the welcomes us out in the morning and evening time. Sure, Spring is your go-to season for the feelings of awakening, but there is a mini-stirring going on around here. The heat is wearing off a bit, and life seems a little less intense. It is good rocking chair weather. It is time to pause on your walk just to see or hear something that catches you. To stand there, taking in something new or old or both wrapped up into one thing. We’ll remember things we forgot, learn things we started to a year ago. We’ll stretch out our arms, take a deep breath, and open our eyes a little wider, smiling, ready to brave whatever we encounter in this world on this day.

This weekend we have Northside UMC Elementary and Dyersburg UMC Confirmation retreating with us. We hope you’ll include their stay with us in your prayers. Enjoy this weekend. Get out and take a walk.


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