This week at Lakeshore 3/6-12

Ah, on this Friday, I’m basking in sunlight. It is one of those days when it’s actually kinda chilly outside, but the sun fools you. If you can stay in sunlight, you can believe it’s warm. You could even coax yourself into shorts and a t-shirt. Just stay away from the shade if you decide to do that. It is quintessential spring at Lakeshore today and it is forecasted to be that way this weekend. It is what you think about when you imagine spring. Throughout the week, though, we’ve dealt more with that harsh reality side of spring that tends to bounce all over the thermometer and go from sunny to overcast and rainy in the time it takes the winds to change.

It was downright cold a few days this week, and there was no chance for the rain from the weekend to dry up. It looked out of place to notice the buds on the trees and bushes, as you shivered underneath your sweatshirt and toboggan. It’s like your eyes or your skin, one, is playing tricks on you. It reminds me of a time when I went to visit some of my family in Reno, Nevada. It was July, and we were there in that dry, desert air, sweating and tanning, until we took a trip to Lake Tahoe. As we ascended the mountains of the Sierras, it got cooler and even started snowing. We got out of the car, in our shorts and threw snow balls, with the desert and July waiting below.

The river is slowly sneaking its way higher and higher. It is up beyond its normal summer level and if getting very close to the bonfire ring on the waterfront. It will likely creep even higher, passing from the marshy woods next to our soccer field among the picnic tables and that first soccer net. You will see that spot that you might sit out on the summer, next to a campfire, under water. That spot that can be so dry and dusty, next to the Friday evening barbecue chicken cook-out. If you visit a few months later, you might see a group warming up next to a fire there, with the winds blowing through, out to river, whipping the flames back and forth, changing the direction of the smoke every time you change your position. But, today, it is underwater. You only know it’s there because you’ve sat there before.

I trust that there will be a time soon when I will sweat instantly after walking out the door. The air will feel heavy, and you will feel like you carry it on your shoulders as you walk. I also trust that the snow we saw in droves will be back someday too. I have seen the beginning of green leaves, and I know it won’t be long till they visit. I saw two bluebirds on that field that may soon be flooded. I know that I will see their and their cousins’ nests all over the camp as I discovered some summer years ago for the first time. And, soon there will be hundreds of sun-burned faces making their way here to see sites of their own. There is much to see. So many strange, fantastic things to find and know.

This weekend we have a Conference Junior/Senior High retreat along with the women of Ebenezer UMC and some Union City Boy Scouts. We lift them up along with the Tsunami victims. May we all find peace.


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