This week at Lakeshore 2/13-19

The time has arrived, indeed, my people. The moment has come when you arise from your bed and step out the door. Your eyes open a little wider, your nose opens up and takes in a strong breathe of the air surrounding you. You want to stretch out your arms and turn you head to the sky. You could spin around in circles like an audition for The Sound of Music. You might even hear a chorus of angels perched on the branches above your home. Hallelujah! Warm weather has returned to us.

You could wear short sleeves this week–heck, if you got real crazy, you probably could have worn shorts. The heat came on very rarely in the office, and the office staff was excited enough by the change in temperature to occasionally open the window. This is a fantastic time of year, because it is warm enough to be outside, but the bugs have not woke up in droves. It takes them a little longer to flood out the doors and enjoy the warmth. At night, though, you could hear some of the frogs singing, just in case someone was listening.

I got out to explore the some of the untrodden woods of the camp this week. We are constructing an orienteering course that will be used by our Wilderness Camp this summer. Campers will set out into the woods with a map and compass to find points that we have designated. There are lots of considerations when plotting a course like this: Is it too wide an area or too small? Is this space too difficult to walk through? By the time the group passes through here, will they be completely lost? How long will it take to get from point A to B to C to D to E? I really want them to see this place, but I don’t want them to have to cross those two hills with blackberry thorn pits all over. I walked nearly to the beginnings of our creek and decided on what areas we could use and what areas it would be mean to include on the course. I walked back into a whole different world, far from our buildings and trails. I am excited that campers will soon venture out into this wild portion of camp and know what it’s like to be completely surrounded.

We had our quarterly Board of Trustees meeting this week, and beforehand had a staff listening session with board members Billy Cochran, Britt Barkley, and David Wagner. The staff got to sit down and talk a little bit about our positions and the rest of camp. It was nice enough for a few outdoor, rocking chair meetings. Billy was able to stay the night, and we had a chance to sit down for dinner with him and hear stories of his days at Southern College of Optometry.

This weekend, we have the Scrapbooking Retreat, and bright and early Friday morning we had people parked in the lot, ready to get their table in the Conference Center to start scrapbooking. There will be 50 people crowded in to tables with printed memories spread out all over. If there was a wrong move, and a table tipped, they could be trapped for hours. We might need the jaws of life to pull them out from under all the pictures, decorations, albums, and cutting devices. As you walk in, you are just surrounded by peoples’ lives. Pictures of recitals and ball games and family vacations. Pictures of newborns and great-grandparents, weddings and graduations. There are pets amid cartoons and conversation bubbles. They will surround themselves with these memories all weekend and linger as long as they can before returning.

I was outside answering a phone call, because I get a better signal and it was so pretty. As I walked towards the pool, I saw a large mound of dirt or sawdust around one of our solar footlights. There were thousands of ants pouring out from there. The warm weather had woken them enough to feel the need to get to work on this giant mound. They had completely coated this 2 by 2 their mound was surrounding. I could feel a warm breeze coming from the west. It was all around me. These days it seems a little easier to notice those things that surround you. They wrap you up, and no matter where you turn, there they are. Like that feeling when you wake up and don’t want to move from your bed, because you are completely and utterly comfortable in your surroundings. May we all step outside soon and be awakened to a love surrounding us that passes all understanding.

Be in prayer this weekend that our Scrapbookers find something this weekend that they are in need of. Also keep Miles (one of our camp dogs) in your prayers. He is having some problems that the vet hasn’t figured out yet.


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