This week at Lakeshore 1/9-15

It has been another quiet week at camp. Until today, we’ve been in a deep freeze from the snowfall that started our week. I can’t think of many other weather events that affect us like snowfall. It slows us down. You walk into the office and are content to look at the snow and talk about it. It seems natural that work is not going to be as pressing for anyone in the world (even if it is). The snow hung around all week, staying powdery. You could still kick the snow and see it spread like dust, just yesterday. The sun has been around all of Friday, and all but the well shaded snow is turning to slush.

There was so much hope and excitement when the snow came and schools and workplaces got out. We are still kids underneath, aren’t we? Even so, I’ve noticed peoples’ patience waning as the week has progressed. More and more are hoping for school to start back, facebook messages addressed to the snow (does the snow have a facebook profile?) are begging to get to go back to work. We, of course, have things that have to be done.

Alyssa Jones, this year and last year’s Wilderness Director, spent much of the week with us painting the walls of our Prayer Chapel. She painted wooded scenes from pictures taken around camp. Later she will paint verses into these scenes subtly in the way that Van Gough sneaks a dwarf into his iris painting. This is a piece of our project to renovate the Prayer Chapel. I received a call from Ann Jeffords this week, telling me she has begun working on a stain glass window that will eventually be in the Prayer Chapel as well. She is using, as a model, a picture with the old cross on the Boy Side Vesper Area with the lake in the background. She is using one of my favorite verses from Job 12 in it as well. We hope, when it is all done, you will have the feeling you have sat down in the middle of the woods and have a solitary place to pray.

I was walking to the Conference Center this week, and saw a piece of ice near the shore about the area of a small room. When I came back out, I noticed that it had turned a little. It looked as if it had broken free from a sheet of ice formed between the mainland and a small island. We had our own little iceberg adrift in the river until the sun finishes it off. I’ve also noticed a pretty large hawk spending time with us the past few weeks. We perches in a high trees until you get too close. Then he flaps his large, strong wings about 3 times and glides with ease across the sky nearly a half mile away.

As I look out the window, I see only snow left on the sides of the roof that never get sunlight, and the low points on the land shielded by hillside. Most schools are back in session and most employees are back at their jobs. We nudge the child-like excitement to the side when we realize the consequences of idle hands for too much time. Do you really want to still be in school in late June? Do you really want to catch up on office work until 7:00pm each night? For most of us, no amount of sleeping in and afternoon snowman building is worth that. But there are those times when I do get stopped by something beyond my power and watch the hawk just to see where he will finally land. I wonder what it must be like to fly like that.

Groups will be joining us soon. Enjoy your holiday if you get it. But don’t forget who we honor with it. Until next week…

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