This week at Lakeshore 8/29-9/4

It seems that summer is hanging around a little longer, but there are signs that we will soon have a new season upon us. The Tulip Poplar leaves have started to yellow and fall to the ground. The Sassafrass leaves are following, turning deep red. Today we had a breeze that just made you feel like Autumn. It was cool, and moved the trees around. You looked up 70 feet above your head and saw the branches swaying, and you felt that the trees were involved in some beautiful dances. The drying leaves rustled and waved to you, and you felt like everything near you was alive and moving, excited about the changes upon us.

The Bodine School paid us a visit this week for 3 days and 2 nights. They are a school out of Memphis who comes to visit us every year, who over time, have become pretty good friends of ours. It’s nice to have a group that comes back remembering you, asking about you, remembering conversations from years past. The students, with a few teachers and parents, came out to do High and Low Ropes with us. The weather was cool enough, and as the Poplars shed their leaves with each breeze. I love the feeling, looking up to watch the High Ropes participants with a backdrop of fluttering leaves.

Jim was back at the tent and trailer bathhouse, hanging up archery targets in the closet, when he were some movement behind him. He knew that snakes were a pretty regular occurence there as well as bats and many, many types of bugs. He turned around to see a fury black head, and Jim immediately knew that it was not one of the creatures previously mentioned. He began to very slowly and cautiously move backwards and then saw several smaller heads lift up from behind what was then clearly the mother skunk. Jim made it out unsprayed, and the maintenance staff has gone to great efforts this week to make sure the mother skunk is disturbed as little as possible while rearing her young.

The kitchen staff made up some strawberry butter to serve to the Bodine School with our famous yeast rolls, and even I can’t resist that. I generally try not to eat our rolls, as popular as they are, because I know that I shouldn’t make consumption of something that buttery and carb-packed a regular thing. But, when you see something like strawberry butter waiting to complement it, well, I guess everyone has weaknesses. In the same way that you might say nothing will keep you from finishing that project, until you see a set black and white furry heads stick up that you know would do significant damage to your social life for quite some time. You say that you will hurry on to where you need to be, but then that breeze catches you, and you see the trees, and the leaves, and you just feel like you’re slapping God in the face if you don’t just stop for a moment to admire and enjoy it. There are things that stop us in our tracks. And there are more on the way.

We have some old friends, the Smithmiers, doing the latest in a long string of family reunions at Lakeshore this weekend. We hope that they are you find God wherever you are searching.

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