This week at camp 5/30-6/5

At long last, summer camp is here again. I stood out on the empty parking lot with members of our activity staff, and we talked about our strategy for parking cars. We rolled up our sleeves to try to avoid farmer’s tans and filled up the water bottles. Before we knew it, the first car drove over the hill, and the first campers of the summer stepped out of the car door. Because of it’s closeness to school letting out, this week’s camps are not completely full. But, we have enough to let us know that summer camp is on.

We’ve had two hospital visits already. We’ve had two sets of water olympics. That summer mugginess has already creeped into each afternoon, and we’ve had several air conditioning units and a boat break down. The frustrations and the joys, the laughter and sleep deprivation are in full swing. Some type of singing happens at least every hour. You go from getting strange looks from campers when you introduce yourself the first day to getting clinging hugs when they leave on the last day. Get ready for ticks and sunburns. Get ready for a permanent smell of chlorine in your hair. Prepare yourself for pop-up storms everytime you are scheduled to take the boats out. You will drink more Kool-aid in a week than you will likely see the rest of the year. You will see sunsets at 8 in the evening that include every color in the spectrum. And, if you pay attention, you are likely to leave with a new perspective on God.

We are playing. We are dancing. We are making things. We are coming up with inside jokes only funny to us. We are occasionally getting homesick. We are immersing ourselves in all kinds of water. We are sitting and talking. We are running and jumping. We are lauging. We are crying. We are getting on each others nerves. We are hugging each other like old friends. We are growing. We are getting dirty. We are learning who we really are. We are talking about Saul, David, Philip, Cornelius, and of course Jesus. We are looking at trees and birds and bugs. We are worshipping. We are singing songs we might not sing anywhere but here. We are playing games. We are smiling. We are closing our eyes and feeling the breeze on our face. We are loving.

Welcome back summer camp.

Be in prayer for our campers preparing to end their week and those preparing to start next week. Pray for our staff, in hopes that we all get closer to God.


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