This week at Lakeshore 4/25 – 5/1

This week we were reminded that was not in fact yet summer. It is only springtime. The weather cooled off and breezes blew through. It is funny how an early shot of 80 degree warmth can make us forget the entire winter we’ve just weathered. What I mean to say is how temperature in the low 50s or high 40s become frigid to us after a week or two of 80 degrees. We’ve already erased from our memory that month of temperatures in the teens and 20s. Forty-eight then becomes the new fourteen in the spring time. Regardless of complaints, it was here, so we had to dig back into our closets for long sleeves and jackets that we thought we had put up at least until mid October. There isn’t too much cause for concern, though–we’re right back in the 80s as I’m typing. The wind is blowing strong, and so I’ve been able to get by with the windows open. I think it feels much better than an air conditioner.

Down on the waterfront, I’m noticing only one member of the goose couple who returned for their annual visit. It stands out in the grass, walking around, as if on patrol. One day I was walking back from the Alford Rec Center and noticed it pacing around, honking like a car in rush hour traffic. I watched it for a little bit, wondering what had it all riled up, then realized that Lily was snooping around the edge of the waterfront. When she moved on to snoop in other areas, the goose waddled over the the shore and swam off to a wooded spot just down river. I’ve noticed that when Lily, Jock, and Miles get too close and the lone goose takes off, honking all the way, it flies over to this same spot each time. I suspect the goose’s partner is waiting there, keeping eggs or goslings warm. Hopefully, we’ll soon see two geese patrolling the soccer field with several scrubby little ones following behind.

We welcomed Middle Tennessee Camp Bluebird yesterday. This is a camp that goes on all over the country for cancer survivors. They decorate the camp up in a way that would make even our best Junior High summer camps jealous. The group has gone with a Disney Theme this spring. Cinderella’s carriage is set up in front of our fireplace at the Conference Center. I’ll have to make sure to be around at midnight to see what happens. The vehicle of choice for the most part, however, is the golf cart. With our hills, many in this group could not make the climbs several times a day. So, the Bluebird team brought up a gang of golf carts that you will consistently see passing by with passengers. For this weekend, at least, Lakeshore has a mass transit system.

For the second weekend in a row it seems that we will have thunderstorms during the prime time for retreat groups to be outdoors. This weekend we have another group staying in wilderness–a music sorority from UT Martin. The forecast seems pretty confident that we will again be inundated with heavy rain, strong winds, and lightening. Even as I’m typing this, the skies have turned to a blue/gray and the air has changed a bit. The wind continues to blow. I wonder what will happen to all of our guests as a result of these occurences. Will it dampen plans so much that dissappointment will prevail? Will some be so frightened by what may happen that they may not enjoy the time? Will it just pass over us, while others wonder about us? Will some find something else that they enjoy far more than their original plans? Will some sit on the porch and watch the storm clouds come and go, comforted by the rumbling and the sound of raindrops?

This evening a group of guests wanted to prepare peach cobler with a recipe and procedure they had done for years in other settings. The kitchen was happy to oblige, but every got a messy surprise when they all realized that the pans they were using were not quite deep enough for this particular recipe. Much like our cups in the presence of the Lord, these pans raneth over. According to Martha’s description, there was peach cobler all over the oven, the floor, and the kitchen in general. While a room wallpapered and floor with peach cobler might sound like a dream come true to some, it’s probably not the easiest dessert to scrape off the inside of ovens and floors. But, maybe one day later this week someone will walk through the kitchen and catch a wiff of peaches, no idea where it’s coming from, and be transported to a sweeter place, warm and inviting with a scoop of ice cream on top.

This weekend be in prayer for all our groups: Middle Tennessee Camp Bluebird, the girls of Alpha Sigma Iota, and the future leaders who are coming to Counselor Certification to learn to be summer counselors. Also, keep Papa G and Mama V in your prayers as they vacation in our Nation’s Capitol. Till next week…


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