This week at Lakeshore 4/18-24

The beauty of Spring may have reached its full potential this week. The temperature has been mildly warm, and there has normally been a breeze in the air. It is the kind of week that begs you to leave your window open and leave it that way. There are more than breezes in the air, though. The pollen has wreaked havoc on many of the staff. You’ll hear those hacking coughs throughout the administration building. It’s not a common cold kind of cough—just a little tickle in the throat. You find yellow dust on your shoes and in your hair if you spend much time outside. The helicopter-like seeds from maple trees are drifting down, and the oak trees are dropping clumps of something that I don’t know a name for.

The maintenance staff has shifted gears, spending a good bit of time holding back the plant growth that is in full swing. If the sun is up, you can figure on hearing a lawn mower or weed-eater at camp, these days. The cut grass blends with yellow pollen dust and songs from dozens of types of birds. Gary is spending a good bit of afternoons tending to the organic garden. The plants have sprouted up, and by July, we may be eating our own vegetables. The wild blueberry bushes on the high ridges at camp have small green berries sprouting, and with any luck, we’ll also be able to go pick blueberries by mid-June.

Everything seems so alive these days. Unfortunately for our weekend groups, it seems there are weather systems approaching that are too alive. The forecast for Saturday has gotten progressively worse each day, and that doesn’t bode well for groups planning to be outside the entire day. A group doing high ropes had to cancel yesterday. Our other group is a youth group from Nashville had planned to build a bridge across the Lowe Trail. During the time they were scheduled to build, there is an 80% chance of strong thundershowers. They are still coming this weekend but are making adjustments to their schedule.

Plans are so important as we go through life. If you’re a short stop with men on first and third, you have to have a plan for where to throw should a slow roller come your way. Then again, you have to be able to make an adjustment when the ball takes a nasty bounce on a divot in the infield, even if it means changing plans. It’s a shame that at the end of the weekend we won’t have a bridge across the creek on the Lowe Trail, but who knows what will happen with this group because of the impending rain storm?

I wonder what the rain and lightening will do to our plants when the sun returns to us and we go outside again. I look forward to seeing the creek rushing strong on the heels of water running from every hill around us. A couple of good friends, the Shanklins, are here with us to see all these things come to Lakeshore. They’ll hear the raindrops on their cabin roof, the thunder, the flashes of lightening. They’ll be able to walk down to the creek and see the waters higher and stronger than most of our campers get to experience from June on. It may not be exactly what they were expecting on Tuesday. It may be something pretty nice to see, though.

Keep the Rehobeth UMC Youth Group and the Shanklins in your prayers. That their stay here helps them know God a little better. And, be safe this weekend.


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