This week at Lakeshore 4/11-17

This week was a bit of a whirlwind–a sort of warm-up to the summer. We had guests in nearly the whole week, and it was down-right hot at times. Don’t get me wrong, we haven’t entered the 175% humidity, sweat-through-your-clothes-just-by-crossing-the-street-to-check-the-mail kind of heat. But there were days that we turned the air conditioner on. Days that opening the window and letting the breeze cool us down was not on the table.

The heat may have been brought in by our board of ordained ministry group that came in for the first half of the week. Forgive me if I botch the terminology, but it basically comes down to (in my understanding) the clergy that are up to be ordained or in some sort of new way come in for a few rounds of interviews by other clergy in the conference who have the task of determining if the people in this group are ready. As you can imagine, it’s a stressful few days for the people being interviewed and the people interviewing. There is so much at stake during these meetings for everyone. My theory is that the heat we experienced this week at Lakeshore is a direct result of the collective sweating from that retreat group.

The warmth hung around and we got no rain this past week. There was very little rain chances on the forcast for our first youth backpacking retreat this weekend. It’s the type of weather you hope and hope for if you’re planning an event involving the outdoors. You have to be careful if you wish for too much of something, though. Like, say, you wish for caramel apples, and you wish for so many that that’s all you ever eat. Eventually your teeth will fall out, and you’ll be left with a bunch of caramel apples and no way to enjoy them (unless you have a good blender). As nice as it is to have April with no rain, I try to remind myself the old adage about how we get our May flowers.

My wife, Allyson, and I were out on our land this week, inspecting our tad-pole pond. In truth, it’s really a tad-pole puddle–simply a place where a lot of rain-water pooled up. But there are lots and lots of tad-poles swimming around this temporary pool. Over the last two weeks, the pond has been steadily shrinking, and the tad-poles have been living in closer and closer quarters. Allsyon is very worried about them not becoming frogs if we don’t get rain soon. It’s hard to know what to want sometimes.

The United Methodist Women came in for two separate spring retreats this weekend. They know what they are doing when they plan these retreats. They do one in the fall just as the seasons are shifting, and one in the spring at the same time. Though we won’t technically be in summer until June, we are already making transitions to summer weather. The bright sun, the hot days, and the ones we’d probably prefer not to welcome like ticks, fleas, and red wasps. I’m sure it’d cause a whole new set of problems to get rid of those and others, but it sure would make me much less paranoid when I have an itch or here some sort of buzzing.

In the evenings this week when you walk through the woods, you get to witness the return of fireflies. There will be many more in a few months, but for now, you see them light up here and there. It’s enough, when you first notice, to second guess yourself and wonder if it’s just your eyes still adjusting to the darkness. You wonder if it’s starlight or airplanes and sometimes even freak yourself out wondering if someone else is in the woods. But, once you settle into it, it makes for very soothing scenery–the slow pulse of that yellow green light, appearing before your eyes, disappearing, then appearing again somewhere else. It surrounds you like a village with a canopy of leaves as your roof. For the moment, you don’t want anything, just to see it longer is plenty.

Keep our backpackers and our United Methodist Women in your prayers this weekend as well as the Summer Staff who is preparing for summer camp right now.


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