Newsletter correction

I feel the need to correct a term that I used in the last Shoreline (Lakeshore’s newsletter). In the article, “Be a Hero in 2010,” where we introduced the summer curriculum for 2010, there was an error in terminology. In the story from my childhood, I talked about my Knightrider Powerwheels. I have realized since the newsletter was published and mailed to thousands of people that the childhood vehicle I remember was actually a Knightrider Bigwheel.

The Bigwheel is the plastic oversized tricycle, low to the ground, that I described in my story of losing a race to a girl on foot. The Powerwheel is a different plastic vehicle with an electric battery that propels the vehicle with a gas pedal–sort of like a small plastic golf cart shaped like a monster truck. My apologies to the Bigwheel and Powerwheel manufacturers for this egregious mistake and to all the people who mistakenly imagined me driving a Powerwheel in this story as opposed to a Bigwheel.

-Troy Taylor


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