Lakeshore’s 2010 Summer Staff

We are proud to announce our Summer Staff for 2010:

Aquatics Directors: Johnny Gall and Sarah Sharp
Challenge Course Director: Jonathan Gowan
Crafts Director: Sara Stephens
First Aid Director: Megan Jones
Lifeguards: Dorothy Harvey and Laura Sherman
Music Director: Austin Powell
Naturalist: Alex Callaway
Oxley Director: Tiffany Dowdy
Program Utilities Facilitator: Hannah Murry
Recreation Director: Lisa Elder
Resident Counselors:
Emily Alton
Kelsey Aquadro
Gentry Barnard
Andrew Barton
Emily Dodson
John Dorse
Christy Jo Harber
Will Harris
Mary Catherine Lowe
Paige Martin
Michael McNeely
Abigail Myers
Jacob Paul
Nathan Snow
Kim Swift
Emma Tinius
Wilderness Director: Alyssa Jones
Wilderness/Oxley Resident Counselors: Kaitlin Bullwinkel and Tyler Reed


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