This week at Lakeshore 3/21-27

Things just came a flowin in this week, as they tend to do in the spring. The sunlight came pouring in at the begining of the week, and it became very difficult to stay indoors. We in the office who are pretty pale-skinned become reminded of just how pale that is when the sun is out like this. Everytime I go out, I try to get the angles right, roll up the sleeves, and turn my body to just the right position, so I don’t get a start on a particularly embarassing farmer’s tan this early in the game. By Thursday, the rain came pouring in as well. The wind whipped the budding branches around and dropped rain all over us, and it became tolerable once again to be inside. With Summer Staff interviews very close, now, those last staff applications began coming in as if they had been stuck behind a breaking dam. They came in my mail, fax, and the very popular next day mail. These things, weather and mail, come rushing in this time of year as if it’s the only possible time for them to arrive.

The frogs began croaking over a month ago, but they have come on strong as of late. There are nights that I’m driving home (and I even have my radio on), and I can hear the frogs croaking. I passed by the pool earlier and took notice of all the interesting colors in the lazy river. It is still several weeks before we begin getting the pool back to it’s crisp, blue color for guests. As of right now, the cover is still on the pool, and the lazy river is still many different colors. The one I found the most odd, was the dark red color. It looked as if there had been some kind of red mud spill into it. As you circle it, you find browns, grays, and greens depending on how much sun each particular area gets. Many a Lakeshore frog spends its tadpole days in our lazy river. If you go at the right time, you’ll find them all over–little ink blots with tails–swimming through the lazy river like our campers will be in just a few weeks. Then, they’ll grow legs, lose the tail, and we will find them suctioned onto the walls all around the pool.

It all comes at us so quickly, the way the rains drops so fast that the ground can’t soak it all up. We have puddles all over camp while the soil below waits to filter out some of the rain. The creek gets it’s highest for the whole year, and everytime you see it you wish it would stay that way. That the water would always be that strong. That you could always hear it before you even see it. That the sections that branch off and rejoin the creek would always be there. But, they will dry when June gets into full swing, just as the potholes will reemerge no matter how many times we grade them.

Board member and long time friend of Lakeshore, Charles Parker, came out with his tractor on Friday to smooth out some of our gravel roads. On the road back to Tent and Trailer, there were holes there that might have been portals to China. But, now they’ve been graded a little and had some churt poured over them. So, for a while at least, you might step in a puddle, but at least you won’t find yourself falling off into an alternate world or something.

We can see summer getting closer and closer to each day. Life is returning. Sun and heat are returning. Green is returning. Let’s hope we are ready when it shows up at our door, suitcase in hand.


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