This week at Lakeshore 3/7-13

It is interesting how when things change, we can get thrown off so much that we forget to do those things that have become habit to us. There are times we even forget to do something as regular as eating. I’ve gone through an entire afternoon, then wonder why I’m feeling so hungry. It then dawns on me that I left out lunch. These things happen when other things change in our daily routine. For me, last week, I just forgot to write a blog for the week of 2/28-3/6. I don’t even remember exactly how my scheudlue was different; I mainly remember Saturday evening getting into bed and realizing the blog hadn’t been done.

We are at the point in the year at camp where we behave towards the weather as those in love who have been hurt too often. We love what it feels like today. We really want to put on T-shirts and shorts all day. We want to pack away all sweaters, coats, and tobaggins. We want to put our flowers in the ground. We want to plan for days canoeing, spending the entire time under the sun. We want to read our books on porches rather than recliners. But, we remember last month. We have been fooled before by a pleasant day, only to have our hopes dashed by freezing temperatures and precipitations. So, we have not yet given our hearts to spring and it’s mild temperatures. The fire wood has not yet been moved away from the building. We are not ready to let go completely.

As the weather progresses towards summer, we are reminded in other ways that summer is quickly approaching. The summer staff applications have begun to pour in in steady streams each day with the rest of our mail. The summer campers are also putting their names on the list to join us for summer 2010. Very soon, summer camp will engulf the permanent staff’s world. It will take the majority of our time and efforts. For now, though, we are reluctantly resisting these imminent changes.

On some days, we have opened the windows and doors to let nature control our temperatures. We are hearing more birds. The winds pick up, sometimes strong enough we mistake them for oncoming vehicles. This year, I have learned the noises that our woodpeckers make (besides the pecking noise). As I’ve become conscious of the sounds, I’ve noticed so many more woodpeckers around camp. It’s become an enjoyable pastime while walking around camp to pick out their calls, then locate them with my eyes. They are larger than the average song bird and therefore easier to see. I can remember a time, when I first moved in here, that woodpeckers would frequently wake me up around dawn, slowly pecking on my roof. I thought about doing some horrible things to those birds, but they have desisted, and now I enjoy their prescence. It’s funny how these things change.

Out our windows this week, Vickie and I made note of a sound we had not heard in quite a while. It was the turning blades and engine of Lakeshore’s lawnmower. In this case, I think it was mostly a short run to make sure everything is in working order before the onslaught of grass in our future arrives. But, there it was, reminding us of sounds to come, right along with the frogs and crickets who have also begun to sound off.

Gary and Vickie recently made a run to Sam’s to restock the canteen (we have a conference youth retreat of nearly 200 this weekend). I noticed today that we had a box of tootsie roll pops in the office for guests and hungry staff. I have been fasting since Thursday night, as I’ve done each week of Lent. My time was up, and I decided to break the fast with a new Pomegranite flavored Tootise Pop. It was very nice, but made even sweeter by the fact that I had had so little recently. I hope that this appreciation stays with me.

This weekend, we have the aforementioned Jr/Sr. High Conference Youth Retreat as well as a group from Ebeneezer UMC. Let’s pray that this time is one our guests can appreciate.


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