This week at Lakeshore 2/21-27

In thinking about this week, it is difficult not to think of the two weekends that bookended this week. The beginning of this week saw another group of potential counselors for counselor certification. I had such a good time with this group, helping them begin to see this place through the eyes of a counselor. We acted out together what it would be like to round up a group of campers amidst the chaos of canteen. We broke up fights. We welcomed kids to the cabin on their first day. It was a time of fun, and, I think, some valuable lessons, as well.

Though there’s never really anything that can prepare you for the actual experience, it is good, now and then, to imagine or pretend–to get ourselves as ready as possible for what we might encounter. It helps us dream. It helps us see ourselves as we may someday be. I’ve spent many years wondering and plotting who I would be now. The things I would someday do for my wife. The things I might say to someone experiencing tragedy. I would look at this possible version of myself and be hopeful that I will say and do the right things.

This week, we had our Board of Trustees meeting, and we had a very nice crowd. We introduced our new Development Officer, Bill Walker, and we celebrating Kathy Kaigler’s birthday. We approved new maintenance projects to the docks and boats. We approved a budget and new mission statement. During these times, there is a great deal of vision among all of us. We sit down and talk in these meetings, and there are so many dreams being shared, so many different visions for this place. We could spend hours sitting and talking about all the things that could happen at Lakeshore and all the ways we see God working.

The river is down very low this week. It has sunk low enough, that you can walk from the Oxley Cabin past the normal shore line onto one of the islands in the river, all on dry ground. I always jokingly refer to it as, “crossing the land bridge,” as if it was the gap between Russia and Alaska that the original Native Americans crossed. But, when you see that land that isn’t normally visible, it’s easy to imagine what that must have been like. You follow a heard of reindeer across this patch of land that looks fairly new to you. Before you know it, the ice has melted, and you are shut off from the old and in a new land. These times are exciting and scary.

This weekend, we are doing the 30 Hour Famine. I am typing several hours after our first meal since Friday around noon. A group of about 190 people took 30 hours without food to experience a portion of what it’s like to be truly hungry. I hope, as we eat, and our bodies adjust back to regular meals–as that mindset of hunger that we had for a pretty short time leaves us, that we wake up in a new place, seeing things through different eyes. I hope we find ourselves in a new place. A place we’ve dreamed of, but something even better than dreams. Something exciting and scary. Something totally new.

Pray for those here at the 30 Hour Famine, that this helps them see in a new way. Also, pray for everyone in this world who is hungry. May we each find a way to feed someone.


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