This week at Lakeshore 2/14-20

If there were to be any consistent themes this week at Lakeshore, I guess they would be snow and tables. Snow came back by to visit again, like a friend who you generally just see once a year. Then, something strange happens, and you begin to see this friend more often. Maybe something clicks that never clicked before, and you start spending more time together. A casual friendship becomes something deeper. Snow has realized what a good friendship Lakeshore offers, so it has come back to visit frequently in the past few months. Even as the temperatures have climbed to an encouraging level, we still have snow hanging around. As with any guests, I’m still happy to have the snow around, but I bit tired our from hosting it for so long. I don’t resent the snow, necessarily, but it does take adjustments.

To adjust to the scrapbooking retreat this weekend, Lakeshore has increased its table supply. A retreat of 3 solid days of scrapbooking requires lots of table space for all the pictures, stencils, albums, etc. that go into putting together a scrapbook. So, we’ve called in for every flat table we can find–even borrowing from First Methodist to use some of their tables. There are times in life when even the largest thing you can imagine is not the largest that you encounter. It’s like when you go to the mall and you see all those empty parking spaces on wonder why on earth people thought they would need that many. Then, you show on Christmas and realize there may not even be enough. Depending on when you drop by, it may confound you or make perfect sense.

One thing I was finally able to do this week with the snow melt was to take pictures of our sailboat. I’ve mentioned the sailboat in previous posts, but we are at a standstill for using it. I put out a message across the conference and had several people offer to help. The person I’m talking with asked me to send pictures of the boat, and since then, I’ve either been out of town the boat has been covered in snow. Earlier this week, I got to take the tarp down and snap pictures. For me, looking at this boat, much of it looks strange. But all of it could be pretty normal to a sailor. I sent these pictures off, and heard a response the next day. He said, “Wow…it is old but probably usable.” I was happy to see those words. I’ll keep you updated on future sailboat happenings.

Our Wilderness and Oxley Directors (Alyssa Jones and Tiffany Dowdy respectively) came to camp today to meet with me. We begin these meetings in the fall to prepare them for directing camps. It felt fantastic outside today, and we ate lunch on my back porch watching the birds who came to the bird feeder and my cats, who were hoping the bird feeder might become a cat feeder. They decided to come in at just the right time. The sun was out, and it was warm enough to be outside without too much bother. I love the times when an obligatory date that a group chooses to come up turns out to be a perfect day weather-wise at Lakeshore. For sure, there have been plenty of days where a ropes group comes in amidst tornado warnings or a wilderness group books for the coldest night of the winter. But there are also the groups that come up on the very day that the fall colors hit their most vivid. The groups that get the first warm spring day after weeks of chills and rain.

We felt it nice enough to do our meeting about staff interviews on the waterfront, sitting on the deck where the 2 Aquatics Directors we hire will stand and help campers into canoes and kayaks. The river looked smooth today like liquidy dunes. We could see two blue herons in the distances flirting around. To our side geese were honking. And a bat flew across, skimming the water, hoping to find an early bug.

Corky, Travis, and Jim didn’t manage to get the bridge to the pontoon boat dock back up. It feel off the dock when the water changed level. So, if you want to get to that dock, these days, you have to take a flying leap. Then, when you get there, you have to somehow get back. It will be a difficult task to get it back there. They said someone may have to take a dip. We spent a long time there, talking about the future of this place and the part we will get to play in determining that future. It is a time when we will all drop in along with countless applicants, all wanting to come and have an extended visit in the summer of 2010. I hope for their sake, it’s as nice a day as it was today.

This weekend we have our Scrapbooking retreat and this year’s first class of Counselor Certification. Pray that everyone’s experience is one that makes them better. Until next week…


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